The Greater Lafayette Chapter of the ACLU of Indiana, founded in 1955, represents Northwest Central Indiana. The ACLU of Indiana is the Indiana affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union.

The ACLU of Indiana is a non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to defending individual rights and preserving liberties that are grounded in the United States and Indiana Constitutions and civil rights laws.

We take on politicians and government officials who ignore the Constitution and put liberty at risk. We don’t answer to polls or to the whims of the electorate. We get out the facts, and when our freedoms are on the line, we mobilize grassroots support to protect our civil liberties.

We educate the next generation of civil libertarians, and the public. Our outreach programs help thousands of Hoosiers understand their constitutional rights and what they must do to protect them.

We challenge intolerance and bigotry wherever we find it. We work to root out any and all attempts to deny people the equal protection under the law that the Constitution guarantees.

From our newsletter:

What is redistricting and why should we care about it? - [Click to download: Redistricting Information Templates, GLACLU [PDF]] Redistricting is the process of redrawing the lines of districts from which public officials are elected. Redistricting typically takes place every ten years following the census, and impacts which voters elect which members of Congress, state and local legislators, and other elected officials. The next round of redistricting will begin… Continue reading "What is redistricting and why should we care about it?"
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Who, exactly, are the ACLU? - We are always surprised when people ask us, “What, exactly, is the ACLU?” For us, because we are so involved, the answer seems pretty obvious, but simply because of the question, we are led to examine our response. The ACLU is nearly 100 years old – that is undeniable. It was founded in 1920 by an amazing… Continue reading "Who, exactly, are the ACLU?"