On this page, you have THREE options for paying membership dues to the GLACLU. We accept payment through Paypal for annual dues ($10 per person). We also accept monthly recurring donations in the amounts of $5, $10 and $20. See the sidebar to the right on a normal desktop to use these options.

For a one-time donation, donate here:

If you don’t want to use Paypal, please download a copy of our latest newsletter [PDF] and send membership dues via mail.

How do we use membership fees and donations?

If you pay annual dues to the ACLU or to the ACLU of Indiana, you automatically establish membership in both. However, none of those dues dollars trickle down to local chapters like ours, the Greater Lafayette Chapter of the ACLU of Indiana.

Local chapters ask members for voluntary annual dues contributions to be used as needed locally. These payments go toward our overhead costs – such as postal box rental and the newsletter printing and mailing, and special costs associated with the Annual Dinner. We also suggest further donations to help fund community events and extra mailings.

It is our policy not to save extra dollars in our bank account. Whenever possible, the Board sends donations to the ACLU of Indiana Foundation.

Thank you.

Your support and generosity have helped our chapter grow. Because of people like you, we are able to offer public round tables and book discussions in our community and spread the word about civil liberties and both local and national efforts of the ACLU. We promise to use your money wisely.