What is redistricting and why should we care about it?

[Click to download: Redistricting Information Templates, GLACLU [PDF]]

Redistricting is the process of redrawing the lines of districts from which public officials are elected. Redistricting typically takes place every ten years following the census, and impacts which voters elect which members of Congress, state and local legislators, and other elected officials. The next round of redistricting will begin following the 2020 Census.

When done properly and fairly, redistricting ensures that districts fairly reflect population shifts and growth, and that policymakers represent the values and interests of their constituents.

However, when done improperly, redistricting can result in partisan gerrymandering, minority vote dilution, and districts that favor incumbents. Voter turnout can decrease, as confidence in the legitimacy of the electoral system wanes.

Key​ ​Reasons​ ​to​ ​Support​ ​Redistricting​ ​Reform:

Transparency:​ Redistricting bodies should conduct their business in public sessions and allow constituents to provide testimony as part of the redistricting process. A process that is open to the public encourages input from community members and reduces the risk of partisanship or other undue factors playing a role.

Partisanship:​ ​Partisan gerrymandering occurs when the controlling political party draws district lines to benefit their party over the minority party. This process can make outcomes of races a foregone conclusion and/or ensure a political party is underrepresented in the legislature, hurting our system of democratic governance.

Community:​ Building districts around communities with common interests must be a goal of any redistricting body. Communities that are likely to have similar legislative concerns should have united representation in their legislative bodies.

What can you do about it?

Start by downloading our information sheet, which includes the legislators in our area who make decisions about redistricting in Indiana, a template for what to say, and additional explanations for why redistricting is so important. Write your legislators and let them know where you stand.

We DEMAND a fair, bipartisan redistricting commission in 2018.

[Click to download: Redistricting Information Templates, GLACLU [PDF]]